Listen to the "For Jordyn - EP":

A remembrance of a life that ended too soon. 9/23/17

Available for free download at: CD Baby - Also available on iTunes.

Four years ago today, we lost a very special person. A person who was dedicated to the arts and to people, and who was not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. For those who knew her, this work will remind you of every smile that she brought to your face with her own...and it will remind you of the pain felt after losing her. For those who didn't know will feel like you did after listening. 

 This EP is dedicated to Jordyn, and to anyone else who has ever felt the same way that she did in her last moments.

Again, this EP is free of charge if downloaded from  CD Baby

If you are feeling like you have no place in this world, know that you do and that you are loved. Everyone has value, whether or not they feel like they do. Together, we can make a difference and prevent a loved one from doing something they can't take back. 

We will never forget. #forjordyn

Always love,